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For more than 29 years, Service Industry News has served as the voice of the pool and spa service professional. A twice monthly newspaper, the staff covers featured stories on equipment installation, trouble-shooting and repair; water chemistry and business issues facing the industry; and news pertaining to the interests of the pool and spa technician.

In addition to the newspaper, we have produced three technical books used throughout the industry as training and reference guides. The Professional Pool Technicians' Guide to ChlorineGuide to Alternative Sanitizers and the Guide to pH, Alkalinity, Water Testing and Water Balance are compiled from articles that originally appeared in our newspaper.

We've also updated and republished an industry classic on pool care, Charlie Taylor's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pool Care. This light, easy-to understand and illustrated book has long been a part of any complete library on pool care. Now, it's also available in Spanish!

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Testing: Sure way to measure safety, quality

By Marcelle Dibrell

Sanitation and water balance are the twin goals of pool water chemical maintenance. One protects the bather; the other protects the surfaces and equipment. 

We need to know that the water is safe to swim and relax in. We want to know that we are getting the best performance out of the sanitizers and chemicals that we are adding to the water. But we’d also like to know that the water is not corrosive, leaching material from the shell, plumbing and equipment. We’d like to be sure that the water will not deposit scale.

It is through testing that we achieve the assurance we need by providing the answers to these questions.

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Know service professional safety duties

By Marcelle Dibrell

Today’s pool service goes beyond maintaining proper water chemistry and ensuring good equipment function. To a great extent, it is also about providing and preserving a bather-safe environment.

Because in addition to simply caring about a customer’s well being, service professionals face tremendous liability every time they enter a backyard. Service professionals can be held responsible for safeguarding users from electric shock, assuring that carbon monoxide is safely vented, ensuring that main drain covers are compliant and in good condition, checking that gates, fences, and covers meet local codes, and much more. 

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APSP shelves residential water quality standards

Amid vehement objections voiced by service industry professionals and others, proposed residential water quality standards were stopped at the APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee meeting at the Western Pool and Spa Show on March 8. 

Committee members announced that the original residential water quality standard, APSP 10, which would have restricted chlorine levels and set requirements for pH levels, had been removed from consideration.

Instead, RWQ members proposed adding the water quality language from APSP 10 to an existing swimming pool construction standard, APSP 5, which is currently up for revision. Specifically, the standard would have set minimum and maximum chlorine levels between 2 to 4 ppm at all times, and pH between 7.2 and 7.8. It was proposed that this language be added to the revised APSP 5 swimming pool construction standard. 

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