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For more than 29 years, Service Industry News has served as the voice of the pool and spa service professional. A twice monthly newspaper, the staff covers featured stories on equipment installation, trouble-shooting and repair; water chemistry and business issues facing the industry; and news pertaining to the interests of the pool and spa technician.

In addition to the newspaper, we have produced three technical books used throughout the industry as training and reference guides. The Professional Pool Technicians' Guide to ChlorineGuide to Alternative Sanitizers and the Guide to pH, Alkalinity, Water Testing and Water Balance are compiled from articles that originally appeared in our newspaper.

We've also updated and republished an industry classic on pool care, Charlie Taylor's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pool Care. This light, easy-to understand and illustrated book has long been a part of any complete library on pool care. Now, it's also available in Spanish!

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Spring offers many revenue opportunities

By Marcelle Dibrell

With the official start of Spring beginning March 20, it’s time to start thinking about opening up new or existing pools for the swim season, just a few short months ahead. 

Spring is the time for cleaning up afterwinter storms and neglect.  It’s the time to remove those covers, inspect the equipment, and get the whole operation up and running once again. Especially in areas that experience seasonal weather variation, service professionals are busy, and according to last year’s Service Industry News Survey, they are making the money to show for it. 

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39th Western Show set for March 9-11 in Long Beach, Calif.

With service technicians arriving in droves, Long Beach, California, is sure to be hopping this year at the 39th annual Western Pool and Spa Show taking place March 9-11 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Show organizers expect well over 10,000 service professionals and exhibitors. As one of the premier events in the pool and spa industry, it is no wonder.  

Vendors large and small will arrive from all over the country. The exhibit hall doors open on Thursday, 6 to 9 p.m., and continue to Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. and Saturday, from 1 to 6 p.m.

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Residential water quality standard possible

An APSP/ANSI standard concerning residential water chemistry is on the agenda for discussion at the Western Pool and Spa show, set for March 8, in Long Beach, California. The meeting will include the Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQ) as well as key industry service professionals who have expressed concern with the preliminary discussions on the need for, and language of, the draft.

The main body of the residential standard has been approved at the committee level. According to APSP Executive Director, Carvin DiGiovanni, the residential standard is modeled after the existing commercial standard, APSP 11. Of particularly relevance to the service industry, this section includes recommendations concerning water chemistry, with limits to pH and chlorine concentrations. Specifically, that the pH be maintained between 7.2 to 7.8 and chlorine between 1 and 4 ppm. 

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