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For more than 27 years, Service Industry News has served as the voice of the pool and spa service professional. A twice monthly newspaper, the staff covers featured stories on equipment installation, trouble-shooting and repair; water chemistry and business issues facing the industry; and news pertaining to the interests of the pool and spa technician.

In addition to the newspaper, we have produced three technical books used throughout the industry as training and reference guides. The Professional Pool Technicians' Guide to ChlorineGuide to Alternative Sanitizers and the Guide to pH, Alkalinity, Water Testing and Water Balance are compiled from articles that originally appeared in our newspaper.

We've also updated and republished an industry classic on pool care, Charlie Taylor's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pool Care. This light, easy-to understand and illustrated book has long been a part of any complete library on pool care. Now, it's also available in Spanish!

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Service Industry News Counters NPC, onBalance Offers

The Sept. 15, 2014 issue of Service Industry News brought with it a surprising development. The members of the National Plasterer’s Council issued a formal invitation to the members of the consulting group onBalance, asking onBalance to teach them how it’s done. 

After years of research conducted on numerous test pools, the National Plasterers Council has apparently thrown up its collective hands, having lost its faith in plaster’s ability to withstand aggressive water’s tendency to cause spotting. 

Meanwhile, the consulting group onBalance has retained its faith in plaster, believing that a properly formulated and troweled surface won’t succumb to spotting.

Despite this confidence, onBalance has responded to the NPC’s invitation with an invitation of its own. Prior to future research, the group proposes a meeting to discuss the science on both sides. 

In this special issue of Service Industry News, we would like to issue the following compromise invitation to the members of both the National Plasterers Council as well as onBalance. 

We offer our newspaper as a platform for both parties. To the NPC, we would like to offer our staff as your investigative partners in your new test studies. We will come poolside and deliver to the industry what is discovered as its discovered. We promise to bring our smartest writers. 

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Automated pool operation changing the role of service techs

The day-to-day tasks of the pool and spa service technician have certainly undergone changes over the years. Few would argue that it takes more than a 4-pack of chlorine and a T-pole to maintain a pool at today’s standards.

From variable-speed pumps to centralized automation controllers, modern pool technology offers precise control for both customer and the service personnel — along with an array of new responsibilities.

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