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National service pricing data gathered

By Marcelle Dibrell

The long-awaited 2013 Service IndustryNews survey responses have officially been entered into our databases, and we are pleased to announce that we have found very interesting pricing-trends to report. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Service Industry News,either because you are new to the industry or because you are casually opposed to reading, the issue that you hold in your hands is the 27th survey issue on national pricing and service practice trends. 

This issue on pricing and service practice is the first of three survey issues published. The June 30 issue will reveal service pros labor fees and equipment, and the July 15 issue will look at the chemicals and testing methods most commonly used today.

The data used to create each issue is gathered over the course of 3 months, through a survey form that the Service Industry News writing team carefully prepared and made available to over 10,000 pool & spa service professionals throughout the United States. 

For over a half a century, beginning in the later part of April, the writers of Service Industry News have made it a tradition to ask service professionals questions related to servicing a pool and or spa. 

The answers provided in these surveys are then entered into numerous databases, where the information is organized, catagorized and evaluated. 

And, generally speaking, compiling the data is simply a matter of comparing what one section of the industry is doing as compared with another. That is always an easy report. 

A difficult task is to take information from one sector of the country and compare it to another when there are no clear resemblances between the two. 

Fortunately, if any kind of pattern can be found and identified, that pattern does make for an interesting study. 

This issue of Service Industry News contains such patterns. 

For example, according to the data received, it seems that billing-by-the-call, with chemicals included, is a billing system of the past. Service pros are still billing-by-the-call, chemicals extra however. 

In the pages that follow, we will demonstrate other such trends. In particular, we will show how billing and pricing for pool & spa service has become more regionalized than it has been in the past.

In fact, in previous years, we were able to make price comparisons by grouping all regions into one, and organizing data according to their billing methods. This year’s results show too many variances in billing to make such comparisons.

This year’s survey responses — received from firms in 24 states, representing more than 500 service and repair technicians — show there are strong differences in how service companies are billing, and all indicators seem to point to geograpy to explain those differences. 

Therefore, to make best use of the data we have divided the country into regions where we will look at how each area is billing, and show the range of prices. 

Separating the country according to the data will best explain the information, which is meant strictly for informational and historical purposes and not to encourage readers to set prices in restraint of trade or in violation of any laws.

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