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Jason Biggs wins final survey prize

By Marcelle Dibrell

Jason Briggs of Torrance, Calif., is the third and final winner of the 2013 Service Industry News survey prize.  He was thrilled to learn that he and his wife won a trip to Santa Catalina, a small island 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. 

Briggs is co-owner of Paradise Pool and Spa, a maintenance company that specializes in cleaning and repairing pools all over the South Bay.  He and his partner, Adam Morley, employ 12 pool professionals, 4 of whom specialize in repairs, while the other 8 are cleaners.  Their company also offers remodeling and construction.

Briggs hasn’t always been a service professional.  Prior to being in the pool industry, he worked as a computer technician, a job he hated because it forced him to be inside.  Briggs is a man who loves the outdoors.  Morning and evening commutes in the dark, combined with good sunlight hours trapped in an office was just too much for him, so one day he simply quit.

He came into the pool service industry in 1993, when his good friend from high school, Adam Morley, suggested he partner up with him, and he has been doing it ever since.

In addition to operating a pool service company, he also proudly serves his country as a lieutenant colonel in the California Army National Guard.  Among his other accomplishments, he commanded a battalion in Iraq for a year in 2010.  Briggs joined the guard in high school, intending to get in, get out, and get rich, but to his surprise, he loved it, and is now serving his 25th year. 

As a pool service technician, Briggs strives to meet his customer’s high expectations. 

“If their heater breaks in the morning, they think I should buy a new one and have it installed by the end of the day,” he says. 

That’s why he prefers to purchase all of his supplies and equipment from brick and mortar distributers, rather than online pool supply stores. 

“I like to get what I need, when I need it, without paying for shipping or having to deal with the hassle if I need to return something,” he says. 

What he likes most about his job is that he is self-employed, and works outside, near the beach. 

For Briggs, it’s all about the outdoors, and that’s why no one could think of a nicer treat than a relaxing weekend at a local island paradise.

He intends to relax with his family in the sun, go snorkeling and then have a nice dinner.

Briggs, who has been to Catalina before, is planning to hit the beach as soon as the boat docks.         


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