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Presenting IPSSA’s 2014 Regional Directors

The IPSSA annual regional leadership weekend was held at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim Calif., Jan.31-Feb.1.

The event is designed to train new directors, presidents and officers for the duties they have been elected to perform on behalf of their IPSSA regions, chapters and members in this new year. Service Industry News was honored to attend the ceremonial banquet, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and interview the following 12 BORD members.

Brian Duncan will enter his first official term as Northern California Region 1 director this year. Owner of Picture Perfect Pool Services in Martinez, Calif., he’s been in the industry 24 years, with 10 employees and 18 trucks. He has a passion for pools, and has been an avid swimmer all of his life. He cares deeply about water safety. His goals this year as director are to bring it back to the basics, getting regional leaders to focus on existing rules and sick route coverage.

Charles Dudley enters the second year of his second term as Central California Region 2 director. His goals as director this term are to keep IPSSA growing and make others aware of all of the opportunities IPSSA has to offer. Originally a watchmaker, he has been the owner of Reedley Pool and Spa Service in Reedley, Calif., since 1978. Dudley was among the first members of the Fresno IPSSA chapter. His tip to new pool  technicians: “Go to many seminars and shows and get a mentor.”

Ivan Vance begins his first term as North L.A. County Region 3 director. A friend introduced him to the industry in 1968 after he began developing ulcers while working for a small oil company. Now, he is the owner of Advance Pool Service in Van Nuys, Calif., where he services all 40 of his own accounts. As a new IPSSA BORD of Regional Directors member, he wants to build IPSSA membership by making consumers aware of what it is and its credentials.

Jason Briggs starts his second year as South L.A. County Region 4 director. Briggs is a Redondo Beach, Calif. native and in addition to co-owning his pool care business, Paradise Pool & Spa Service in Torrance, Calif., with partner Adam Morley, he also serves his country in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army. He enjoys his work in the pool industry because it allows him to be outside, encountering new problems, and being self employed. His goals as IPSSA this year are to begin an IPSSA internet marketing campaign.

Jeffrey Theders continues his second term as Orange County Region 5 director. The president of Aquatic Balance in Santa Ana, Calif., was unavailable for an interview.

Scott Peterson continues his second term on the Inland Empire Region 6 IPSSA BORD this year. Raised in Whittier, Calif., he began his career in the pool care industry with the help of a friend. Scott has been an IPSSA member for 17 years and has worked on the BORD for the past nine years. A 33-year industry veteran, he is the owner of Peterson Pools in Temecula, Calif. He’s going to work hard as director increasing the awareness of doing things properly, such as licensure. “This term, I am going to have a voice.”

Joe Lukacik is returning to the BORD for San Diego County Region 7 in the second term of his first year, and previously served during the 1990s. His goal as director is to add 10 associate members to IPSSA’s growing list of sponsors. Owner of Sun Pool & Spa Supply, Lakeside Calif., he has been in the industry since 1978. He likes this industry because he likes his freedom and plans to retire in three years, handing the reigns to his son, Nick.

Marc Cannon will serve his second year on the BORD for Region 8 in Arizona and Nevada. A member of IPSSA since 1996, Marc has served in numerous positions for the East Valley, Arizona Chapter including treasurer, vice president, and two terms as president. He has also served on the BORD of the Desert Pool and Spa Show. Marc has called Arizona his home for most of his life, and he loves living in the southwest desert. He is the owner of Rescue H2O Pool Service & Repair, in Chandler, Ariz., and is also strongly committed to IPSSA, dedicated to growing its membership.

James Smith begins his first year as IPSSA director for Texas Region 9. He is the owner of Aquaman Pool & Spa in Austin, with one employee, and he loves working alone and not in an office. He fell into this business by accident after pouring concrete, which led to pool decks and then to tying steel in pools and then to building pools and finally to service. As an IPSSA BORD director, he wants to bring Texas to the forefront of the industry, making Texas an industry leader.

Mark Lyons returns for his second year on the BORD for Northern California Region 10. He’s the owner of Water Solutions in San Jose, Calif., a repair only company. He is a 26-year pool and spa veteran, and has been an IPSSA member for 11 years, where he has served as a chapter vice president for four years and a president for two years. Mark is committed to expanding membership in areas where IPSSA is solid.

Todd Starner returns for his second term on the BORD for Region 11. He is also the newly appointed president of all of IPSSA. Starner made his debut in the pool and spa industry at a tender age cleaning pools for a small company over the summer. In 1994 he began his own business, Starner Pools, in Bradenton, Fla., where he enjoys his work for the flexible schedule and ability to provide a good income for his family. He was one of the original Florida IPSSA members, and with Derric Raymond, started the first two chapters in Manasota and Osccola.

Jason Lehmann returns for his second term on the BORD for North Texas Region 12. Prior to pool service, he served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the U.S. Submarine Navy. Now, he’s the owner of The Water Connection, in Fort Worth, Texas. He has been an IPSSA member for 14 years, and has served five times as president of the Fort Worth Chapter. He is also one of the three founders of APEC (Aquatic Professional Education Council). His goals as director this term are to update IPSSA to fulfill the needs of Spanish speakers.

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