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Industry Survey Available Online Today

The annual “pulse of the Service Industry” — the 2014 Industry Survey — will be inserted into the April 30 issue of Service Industry News.

But for those of you out there who simply cannot wait to tells us about your individual company pulses, we have made the survey questionnaire available online beginning this week.

Simply follow this link: to participate in our 28th annual survey.

The information tabulated from your responses will be used to create our most popular issues of the year. The survey responses are published over three issues in June and July.

As popular as those issues are, however, the information offered is only as good as the information we can gather from our 10,000 readers across the nation. Once again, we call on readers from coast to coast to step up.

The 2014 Industry Survey questionnaire asks readers to share information about their entire operation, from chemical and equipment usage to billing methods and pricing, labor charges as well as charges for specific equipment repairs and installations.

Survey results yearly provide the most comprehensive look at the state of the service segment of the swimming pool and spa industry. Though not a true scientific survey, we believe that the data presents an accurate picture of the industry that firms have long used for historical and planning purposes.

In addition to the major survey issues, the information provided by readers will also be highlighted throughout the year in editions dedicated to specific equipment repair and trouble-shooting, water chemistry or special-interest issues.

Though the survey form makes it optional to provide us with your company name, address and phone number, responders can choose to remain anonymous. Either way, the results are published collectively, and individual survey responses remain confidential.

Whether you would like to wait for the self-mailing survey form, which will be published in our April 30 issue, or log on to the Survey Monkey site and start the process right away, the deadline to be included in the survey results is Friday, May 23. 

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