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2014 Service pricing results tallied

Dedicated to analyzing regional trends throughout the pool and spa service sector, this issue is the first of three survey editions, and focuses on pricing. 

The Service Industry News survey issues are an endeavor to map out regional differences in the pool and spa community on service practices such as pricing, specialized labor fees, and chemicals and testing methods.

This issue on pricing and billing practices is the 28th annual survey issue presenting the results of service technician participation in a feedback form that asks a variety of questions pertaining to the pool and spa profession. 

Presented here are the results of data collected over the course of 3 months from a survey form made available to over 10,000 service professionals throughout the United States.

Participants in this year’s survey came from firms representing over 600 service and repair technicians who regularly care for more than 20,000 pools and spas and make more than 17,000 additional repairs for customers who are not on regular service routes.

It’s interesting to note that the geographic distribution of service technicians who chose to take part in our survey remains approximately the same as in previous years. 

As usual, 80 percent of survey participation come from the Sun Belt regions, including California, Florida and the Southwest. The large number of pools and spas in these areas makes that a given. While participation was heaviest from these areas, 20 percent of survey response also arrived from outside of the Sun Belt.

In some cases, light participation does not allow us to provide detailed breakdowns for each level of service; we amassed enough data to provide information for every region of the country. 

Remember that it is service technician participation that makes it possible for us to provide the following information with some degree of accuracy. 

We thank all of those that took part in this year’s survey who have made it possible for our readers to get a bird’s eye view of national trends in the industry today.

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