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I'm Anthony Archer - Willis & I build pools!

There’s a hot new show on Animal Planet for those interested in getting a first-hand look at natural-looking swimming pools construction called “The Pool Master,” which premiered this June. 

The series, which began Friday, June 20, follows the exuberant and charming British swimming pool designer Anthony Archer-Willis as he envisions and executes pools that look like they were formed by the hand of nature. Built on rocky slopes, arid deserts and cliffs, the natural-looking pools pay homage to the environment by supporting a wide array of aquatic plants, creating lush backyard sanctuaries.

With wild abandon, the show is introduced by a senior and spritely Anthony shouting out to the world, “I’m Anthony Archer-Willis, and I build swimming pools!” 

The “Pool Master” will also feature the construction of BioNova’s first California natural swimming pool in Ojai, which was filmed for the show, and the finished product is a stunning sight to behold.

That pool is completely chemical free, using biological filtration instead of chlorine through a U.S. patented system designed by BioNova Natural Pools, a global network of landscape professionals, contractors and pool builders. 

“The Pool Master” follows Anthony and his two right-hand men, contractor Dave Duensing and excavator Ed Kading as they bring people’s backyard alive with natural wonder. 

In each episode, Anthony begins the show having a quiet moment to himself, sketching his surroundings. Once the client signs off, with more exuberance than seems possible, Anthony and his team get started creating great works of landscape architecture.

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