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Take advantage of trade shows in 2016

By Marcelle Dibrell

There are lots of reasons to attend regional trade shows but perhaps the main reason is to improve your bottom line. 

Let’s face it: the pool service industry is competitive. One of the best ways for a service company to market itself is with service professionals that are highly trained in all of the areas of swimming pool and spa maintenance. Attendance at any one of the regional trade shows can provide a unique opportunity to gain access to cutting-edge information. 

Education leads to a knowledgeable diagnosis of customers pool and spa problems. For an educated diagnostician, that means that their time is worth more. If the time is worth more, they should be able to get paid more. And theircustomers won’t mind spending a little extra if they are confident that they have a responsible, competent professional in their backyards.  

Attendance at a regional trade show is one of the best ways a service professional can get the latest information about the equipment and products. Trade shows are places where technicians are presented with a unique opportunity to ask manufacturers questions about their products. There are also manufacturer-sponsored seminars where service professionals can learn installation, trouble-shooting and repair for specific products. 

There are water chemistry classes for beginner service professionals that also offer useful information for veterans to brush up on their chemistry and to learn about the latest science in the industry. Chemistry and equipment classes are often taught by industry veterans who know how to explain things in a straightforward manner. Business classes abound for service professionals seeking to go out on their own.

Trade shows also offer continuing education units and certification classes that more and more consumers want from their service technicians. Social networking is another important element. Developing relationships with other industry professionals can benefit long-term business success. 

This show season, venues range across the country, from Long Beach to Atlantic City, and plenty of cities in between. For service professionals across the country, it’s easy to find a convenient regional show to attend. And with so many shows scheduled in the industry’s slow season, it’s not hard to justify a small education-vacation.

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