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Spring brings startup, opening opportunities

Even as the last of the winter storms are blasting through the lower 48, service professionals are assembling the chemicals and tools they will need for a successful pool opening or new pool startup. 

For those in the pool service industry, spring is rife with some of their most profitable activities and for many professionals, it is the busiest time of year.  

The two biggest reasons for this are spring openings and new pool startups. 

 Many pool owners don’t go through the hassle of opening their pools for the season, preferring to hire a professional. 

For others, anticipating a yet another brutally hot summer, it is finally time to put in a new pool. Indeed, spring is the busiest season for new pool construction.

In the case of existing pools, spring is when service professionals are called give the pool area a full annual check-up, looking for areas that need special attention. But smart service professionals recognize that this is also the time to up-sell products and services, such as installing new plumbing, leak detection, pool surface and deck refinishing, and even landscaping.

The warm weather just seems to put pool owners in the perfect frame of mind to beautify their backyards, and savvy service technicians understand this. 

This means refurbishing existing pools with modern features, reconditioned surfaces, and upgraded equipment and accessories. 

 In the case of new pools, service professionals are regularly called in to handle the “start-up” procedure, a particularly important task for newly plastered pools that are susceptible to a wide range of problems as they cure.

Wise service technicians recognize that after successfully performing this duty, there’s a great likelihood that they will be the same service companies contracted for regular monthly service on the pool.   

All in all, spring represents tremendous profit centers for service professionals, offering the potential to bring in more proceeds in a week than a full year’s worth of monthly service charges.            

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