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Refinishing jobs can bolster the bottom line

By Marcelle Dibrell

Not all service jobs were created equally, and there are some jobs that select service technicians do that command well over the average $80 per hour repair charge. Most pool service companies offer a variety of services, including pool cleaning, chemical maintenance, and equipment repair.  But there are some bigger ticket items that only a few pool services offer and these jobs are specialized, technical, and carry with them a nice profit margin.

In our last edition of Service Industry News, we covered new pool start-ups and openings and some of the special service opportunities that spring ushers in.  In this edition, we’ll continue that thread with some of the jobs that service professionals do to refinish pool surfaces to make them look their very best.  Today’s pool owners are offered a variety of options for refurbishing their pools, in keeping with their financial resources, preferences, and the current condition of the pool. With plaster pools, the most common job performed by service professionals is an acid wash, a topic we covered in our last issue. But for more seriously affected pools, or pool owners seeking a truly superior look, beyond complete remodeling, the options are:


While this is not a typical service job, service professionals will need to be on hand when the replastering is complete.  Newly plastered pools have specialized needs that service professionals know how to address.


This is the most common resurface technique handled by service professionals. Plaster surfaces are regularly painted to enhance the look of the pool plaster and when acid washing will no longer remove stains.  While most anyone can paint, there is special training, surface preparation, and application technique that is essential in painting plaster pools.  Improper technique leads to disastrous results so most pool owners won’t hesitate before they make the decision to call a professional.  Those with expertise are finding pool painting can make for a major profit center.

Vinyl Liners

While these are normally installed over previously lined pools, some innovative pool professionals are installing over previously plastered pools, a creative solution to some structural problems at a fraction of the price of replastering.  But while the liner may come cheap, the installation service does not.


There are plenty of customers who don’t mind springing for a fiberglassed pool, and they love the sleek durability and ease of maintenance.  Promising lengthened service life, some professionals have incorporated fiberglassing as part of their offered services.

In this issue, we’ll take a look at some of these procedures, the common spring chores that bring in the big dollars to professionals that have the proper licenses and training to offer refinishing options.

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