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Our 29th Industry Survey results revealed

The Service Industry News survey issues are chalk full of information about the pool and spa industry: They provide a means for you to get a reality check as to how your businesses stacks up against your peers. 

There is information about how much you pay for chemicals and how much you charge for services. There’s information about what services you provide, and what services you leave for others. There’s also information about the types of equipment, chemicals, and technologies that are in use on modern pools. 

This, the first of three survey issues, examines regional differences about pricing. Specifically, how do you charge, and how much do you charge for basic pool service?

This issue on billing is the result of our 29th annual Industry Survey. We present the results of nationwide service technician feedback form that asks professionals a variety of questions about their businesses. The data presented is the result of a year’s worth of response to a survey made available to 10,000 service professionals across the United States.

The participants in this year’s survey came from firms representing roughly 750 service professionals who regularly care for greater than 30,000 pools on their regular service route. 

As usual, there are regional trends in participation, where it was greatest from the Sunbelt areas, including California, Florida and the Southwest.

Varying levels of survey participation impart different levels of statistical reliability. The heavy participation from California, for example, which comprised about 50 percent of the responses received, make data analysis from that area the most reliable. Data from the Southwest, which comprised almost 20 percent of the responses received, is similarly more reliable.

In some cases, light participation does not allow us to provide detailed breakdowns for each level of service. Nonetheless, we have acquired enough data to provide some information for every area of the country.

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