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Put heater knowledge on front burner

With Labor Day just around the corner, service technicians across the country are beginning to think about closing down pools for the season. They understand that waiting too long to drain and put away the equipment could prove disastrous should an early freeze arrive. 

But even if the cooling temperatures have not yet reached your region, they are surely on their way and many homeowners are simply not yet ready to abandon their outdoor oasis. 

That’s where heaters come in and are the topic for this issue’s featured articles.

With the summer still upon us, there’s a pretty good chance that the heaters on most pools have been sitting idle since spring. They may have checked out and were in great working order before they were turned off for the summer. 

But months of disuse could present a problem for pool owners trying to extend their swimming season into the fall.

Nesting rodents, insects and debris must all be cleaned from the idle heaters or they could cause a hazard. 

If there has been a prolonged period of inactivity, it is likely time for some basic maintenance or trouble-shooting.

And with the upturn in the economy and the continually low price of natural gas, plenty of pool owners may be prepared to spring for a new pool heater. 

A heater is one of the most important additions to any swimming pool. The water’s temperature is arguably the most critical parameter affecting bather comfort.

A difference of only a few degrees will make the difference in whether the pool is going to get used.

So if pool owners are considering a valuable investment like a heater, it is essential for service professionals to be able to recommend a reliable, properly sized, cost effective, and even environmentally friendly heater.  

There’s a large range of options when it comes pool and spa heaters, and they all have different and distinct requirements for installation, sizing, maintenance, and placement. 

The articles included in this issue will explore topics unique to each type of heater.

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