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Automatic cleaners redefine service efficiency

By Marcelle Dibrell

A clean pool is an inviting pool and it takes more than chemicals and a good filter system to get there: it takes a cleaner. That means 15 minutes or more manually vacuuming the pool, or better yet, investing in a good automatic cleaner. 

The filter system just cannot clean the whole pool. Primarily drawing water from the water surface and floor, it just can’t reach every corner and recess. The filter system does not scrub and brush, and algae has a wonderfully easy time getting a toehold when surfaces are not regularly scrubbed. 

According to Richard K. Cacioppo, an industry expert on automatic pool cleaners, manual pool cleaning is not good enough. It simply isn’t possible to manually brush the entire surface of the pool because there is just too much area to cover and not enough time in the day to do an adequate job.

So, automatic pool cleaners have become extra support to the pool service professional. It makes the work easier so technicians can focus on the important jobs. That is because the more pools a service firm can clean, the more money it can make, and automatic cleaners have redefined service efficiency. 

With automatic cleaners incorporated on most everyone’s pool, minutes once spent manually vacuuming are now being devoted to more interesting, not to mention, more lucrative jobs. Those extra minutes can yield awesome profits on replacement parts because repairing and replacing old parts and equipment is a key revenue source for many service companies – surely more profitable than vacuuming. 

But what consumers need when it comes to pool cleaners is performance, reliability and easy operation. Not all pool cleaners are created equal, and it is important to get familiar with the different types and models that suit individual needs, and not just the needs of each pool. 

It takes more than a familiar brand name to make a good cleaner, and in addition to reliable function, it is important to consider repair: the machines should be serviceable, with access to parts.   

While they are self-sufficient machines that keep the pool debris free, even pool cleaners need routine care and maintenance every now and then to operate best. 

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