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Pool & spa service is rife with danger

By Marcelle Dibrell

It’s a dangerous job, but someone’s got to do it.

Anyone who provides pool service, repair or maintenance must be aware and prepared for the hazards that are inherent to the profession. Not only does the job require physical labor, with all of such work’s potential injuries, but it also involves working with dangerous chemicals and electrical risks.

It is a profession in which workers must always be on the lookout for danger, and safety must be a habit at all times. Safety practices keep good workers on the job, where they and their customers benefit most. The first step to working safely in any industry is to think about potential hazards: anything that must be lifted, or could be dropped, anything that can cut or burn, anything that can conduct heat or electricity, or anything toxic, are all hazards that should be considered.

But in addition to monitoring their own health and safety risks, service professionals also play a big role in promoting safety awareness for their customers. Even though they might handle all chemical treatments, technicians are still instructed to inform their customers about any chemical hazards and safe handling and storage practices. And though they may be paid only to service pool water and equipment, as responsible adults in people’s backyards every day, they are in a great position to serve their communities. 

Because they are industry professionals, service technicians have much greater access to pool safety best practices as well as current laws and regulations. For many service professionals, their customers are like extended family, and part of the reason they can take pride in their work is in helping to ensure the safety of those families. That means informing customers when a gate latch is broken; if a pool cover is unsafe; if an electrical system is out of compliance; if a heater is poorly vented; or if a drain cover poses an entrapment risk.

Technicians like these care not only about their own safety, but that of their customers, and they will do everything they can do to prevent an accident. Look forward to a special Homeowner’s
Safety Hand-out in next month’s May 15 issue, in time for the National Drowning Prevention month.  In this issue of Service Industry News, we provide articles about both worker and bather safety.

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