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Best practice: Test twice, balance once

By Marcelle Dibrell

Service professionals are a little like the police of the pool, and could easily adopt the same motto: to protect and serve.

They serve the public by protecting swimmers from contaminated water. They serve pool owners by protecting pool and equipment from damage. They accomplish both of these goals through chemistry, a science that requires testing. 

Customers expect, and good service professionals deliver, two critical services that make them invaluable: water sanitation and water balance. They do this by monitoring essential parameters that keep the water both swim safe and surface safe.

But monitoring the water means a lot more than adding some chlorine and checking for clarity. If that were all there was to it, why hire a service professional?

Pool owners call on the professionals because they come armed with an extensive body of chemical and mechanical knowledge that pool owners either can not or do not want to be bothered with. Because beyond simple sanitation, service technicians are charged with protecting multi-thousand dollar investments. 

Proper water balance can be the key to ensuring that surfaces don’t blemish; that heaters, lights and ladders don’t corrode; and that the water doesn’t cloud. And in a pool and spa setting, things fall apart when the water is out of balance.

Balanced water may be defined as water that does not actively promote either corrosion or scaling. It is achieved by testing and maintaining a complex assortment of interrelated variables that not only protects the pool’s surfaces and equipment but also allows sanitizing chemicals to function.     

Balanced water is about maintaining certain water parameters in the proper proportions. Factors such as pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and even temperature must all be monitored to protect bathers, surfaces, and equipment.

With these parameters in check, pool owners will see the evidence in a sparkling and shiny pool. But for service professionals, diligent water testing is the only real evidence that the water is both sanitary and in good chemical shape and it is the subject of this issue’s featured stories.

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