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Dear service professional, will you help?

By Marcelle Dibrell

Did you know that May is National Drowning Prevention Month? Before the swim season sets off in earnest, it is time to reflect on safety. In honor National Drowning Prevention Month, Service Industry News has proudly dedicated a section of this issue to a special pool owner pull-out.

Beginning on page 9, the pool owner’s pull-out is a resource for anyone who is concerned about water safety. In addition to providing national drowning statistics, it includes personal narratives and crucial strategies that can be taken to prevent drowning.

We ask that you distribute copies of this section to all of your clients.

According to industry experts in the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, IPSSA members alone visit 375,000 swimming pools a week. These service professionals are all in a position to add layers of protection to swimming pools. 

“Every time a professional walks into a backyard, there are numerous opportunities to save a life,” said Jason Lehman, Director of IPSSA Region 12.

Of the estimated 14 million residential pools, countless non-affiliated service professionals can also do their part to improve swimmer safety.

Pool service professionals have the reach to stop drownings this year.    

The month of May marks the start of the swim season but it also sadly marks an increase in the number of drowning tragedies across the U.S. The CDC reports that two thirds of all drownings occur in the summer months and most occur in residential pools. 

Pool service professionals have an enhanced awareness of water safety concerns due to their training and education. Distributing this issue is an opportunity to share your knowledge with current and potential clients. It’s a way to show pool owners you care.

Subscribed readers willreceive four copies of this issue to distribute to valued clients.

We are aware that four copies is nowhere near enough. For additional copies of the special pool owner section, email, and we will send them to you completely free of charge.

We are committed to stopping drowning this year. Will you help?

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Special Safety Issue for Pool Owners

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