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SIN tells you what service techs charge

If you know the law, and you are a law-abiding pool service company, you don’t discuss finances with other pool care professionals. You are aware that it could be construed as an anti-trust violation called price fixing.

So if you want to get an idea of how your business compares with others, the only legal way to go about that is through a third-party, voluntarily taken survey. To that end, you hold in your hands the 30th annual Service Industry News survey issue. We present the results of our nationwide service technician feedback form that asks professionals a variety of questions about their businesses. 

The data presented is the result of a year’s worth of response to a survey made available to 10,000 service professionals across the United States. The participants in this year’s survey came from firms representing roughly 1,330 service professionals who regularly care for greater than 50,000 pools on their regular service route. 

Participation in this year’s survey was greatest from the Sunbelt areas, including California, Florida and the Southwest. And this year, participation from Hawaii made it possible to include the Aloha State in our survey results.

Varying levels of survey participation impart different levels of statistical reliability. The heavy participation from California, which made up 47 percent of the responses received, make data provided for that area the most reliable. Data from the Southwest region of the country, which comprised 18 percent of the responses received, is similarly more reliable than for other regions where participation was light.

In some cases, light participation does not allow us to provide detailed breakdowns for each level of service. Nonetheless, we have acquired enough data to provide some information for every area of the country. Service Industry News thanks everyone who took part in this year’s survey. They made it possible for the industry to get an idea of today’s regional trends. Stories begin on Page 4.

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