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Summer’s over! Time to turn up the heat

By Marcelle Dibrell 

With Labor Day behind us, the traditional swim season has come to an end, and pool professionals across the country have answered the call to shut down pools for the winter. 

But what about those pool owners who are simply not ready to put an end to this year’s backyard fun?

And what about those pools located in regions where “winter” means a slight drop in temperature and perhaps wearing a light sweater?

In Florida, for example, the average daytime October temperature is about 84° Fahrenheit — perfectly reasonable swimming conditions. But when the nighttime temperatures drop to 60°, the evening chill may leave the pool just a little too bracing to be inviting. A difference of only a few degrees can make the difference in whether the pool gets used.

Let’s face it: if the water is too cold, no one is getting in the pool, and that is where a pool heater comes in handy. 

With summer just completed, it is likely that the heaters on many pools have been sitting idle since spring. They may have been inspected and were in great working order before they were turned off for the summer. 

But after months of non-use, rodents may have set up shop within the heater’s confines, chewing through wiring and adding nesting material to the area. Often, no one knows whether there is a problem until they try to turn the heater on and nothing happens. 

But even when the heater is functional, if it is older than 10 years, chances are it is no longer operating at anywhere near its original efficiency, resulting in unnecessarily high energy bills. A lower heating bill may be reason enough for pool and spa owners to spring for a new heater. 

But there are other compelling reasons to consider upgrading to the high efficiency heaters that are currently available, and it is important for service technicians to be able to make that case. 

This special issue of Service Industry News should provide all the ammunition you need to convince your customers that it really is time to take a look at the heating technology that’s available today. 

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