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Leak locating made easy for service pros

By Marcelle Dibrell 

With the right equipment and problem solving skills, pool and spa professionals can expand their business into leak detection. 

That’s what Lance Anderson believes, and he has decades of experience to back him up. Anderson is the owner of Anderson Manufacturing, one of the largest manufacturers of pool leak detection equipment in the country. His company provides a full range of tools and supplies for finding and fixing leaks. These products range from simple test plugs and dye testing tools to sophisticated electronics for listening to leaks underground in the plumbing, tracking leaks in vinyl liners, and identifying water loss rates in minutes.

For over 30 years, Anderson has been helping pool professionals find and fix leaks, and he comes from a long line of leak detection specialists before him. The company was started by his grandfather, Francis Anderson, and began as a radiator repair shop. The man lived by the motto, “If it’s hard, you’re doing it wrong,” and found that leak detecting car radiators was made easier after he invented special rubber expansion plugs. His son Dale took over the family business after Francis’ death, and continued operations with his children who helped assemble and ship the plugs to radiator shops around the country.

When Lance took over in the mid 1980s, he discovered that several pool companies had been using the plugs for pressure testing swimming pool plumbing, and the business was reborn. This third generation Anderson learned that there was an unmet need for professional quality tools and information for finding and fixing leaks in swimming pools. 

Anderson knows about leak detection. But he did not do it alone. With input from professional technicians in the field, he improved the line of test plugs and tapped into a network of capable engineers to expand the product line into a complete assortment of products that addresses all aspects of leak detection.

In this issue, Anderson shares some tips and tricks of the trade, and information about some of the equipment that make the job almost easy.

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