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Embrace professionalism with trade associations

As busy as pool and spa business owners may be, it makes good business sense to join industry associations. 

In the pool and spa industry, there are foundations focused on education, certification, and standards; associations for networking, camaraderie, and assistance; alliances for safety; councils for lobbying and governmental advocacy; groups that strictly offer insurance; and organizations that offer some combination of these. 

Members of these organizations are apt to be loyal; like Coca Cola versus Pepsi fans, or Mac versus PC users, a lot of members are inclined to stick for life. 

That’s because the benefits afforded by membership in trade organizations tend to be so great.  

Benefits of association membership typically include: networking, opportunities to preside in leadership roles; subscriptions to newsletters or magazines; access to seminars, conferences and tradeshows; access to members-only offers and discounts and more 

And so many of these sorts of benefits ultimately translate to increased business profitability. This is certainly true of associations that offer certifications or that otherwise elevate a service tech’s list of credentials. It’s a good idea to check out any means of improving professionalism, and belonging to associations can be a useful means of doing so.

But the more nuanced benefits of associations where brotherhood and camaraderie feature high in the list of benefits tend to be the organizations that engender the greatest loyalty. 

Mark Twain once said “brotherhood of man is our most precious possession.” There is little that inspires greater personal fulfillment then the sense of caring for and being cared by others.

Whatever the motivation for joining an industry association, there is no doubt that they can be useful tools to leverage yourself and your business. In this special edition of Service Industry News, we present some of the major associations and organizations available for membership to swimming pool service and repair professionals.

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