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Homeowners’ issue: A gift for valued clients

By Marcelle Dibrell

In honor of National Drowning Prevention Month, Service Industry News has a gift for service professionals to give to their valued customers. Our 2018 Homeowners’ Issue, which promotes water safety and drowning awareness, is once again entirely free for distribution to pool owners nationwide. Service Industry News is committed to stopping drowning this year, but we need your help to get the word out. 

We have printed 10,000 copies of the homeowners’ issue and will send you any number of requested copies completely free of charge. We hope you’ll distribute a copy to everyone you know who owns a pool or spa. 

What if all it took to prevent drowning was heightened awareness of the facts? If you talk to parents who have lost children to drowning, they’ll tell you that drowning is 100 percent preventable, and that awareness of the facts is exactly what it takes. 

May marks the start of the swim season, but it also marks an increase in the number of these preventable drowning tragedies. In fact, according to the CDC, two thirds of all drownings happen during the summer months. Among children 1 to 4, drowning is the leading cause of death behind birth defects, and most of those fatalities occur in home swimming pools. But you see those very pools and people every day; you are in a position to change those facts now. Every time you walk into a backyard is an opportunity to save lives. 

The special four-page homeowners’ edition includes drowning prevention techniques. It is chalk full of useful pool and spa safety tips as well as personal narratives from parents on a crusade to prevent drowning. It has information on the layers of protection, anti-entrapment and lifesaving devices, electrical safety, carbon monoxide safety, and more.

For your free copies of the Special Homeowners’ Edition, email Service Industry News is committed to stopping drowning this year. Will you help?

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