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Presenting our 2018 pool service pricing survey

By Marcelle Dibrell

Every now and then, it is useful to compare your business practices with those of your peers. 

Is your pricing structure comparable to other service professionals? Are you paying about what others in your area are paying for chemicals? Are you providing pool care services that make your business stand out? 

That’s why Service Industry News presents an annual three-part industry survey to help pool maintenance professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. 

In this first installment, we present the 2018 results on billing – specifically, how do you charge, and how much do you charge for your services? 

This issue on billing is the result of our 32nd annual survey. 

We present the results of nationwide service technician feedback form that asks professionals a variety of questions about their businesses. The data presented is the result of a year’s worth of responses to a survey made available to 10,000 service professionals across the United States.

The data presented here is the result of survey participation from 20 states. Responses came from service firms both large and small who regularly maintain almost 79,000 swimming pools nationwide.

As usual, participation in this year’s survey was greatest from the Sunbelt areas, especially California, Florida, and the Southwest, where participation from Texas and Arizona was heaviest. 

Varying levels of survey participation impart different levels of statistical reliability. The heavy participation from California, which made up 51 percent of the responses received, make data provided for that area the most reliable. 

Data from the southwest region of the country, which comprised 19 percent of the responses received, is similarly more reliable than for other regions where participation was light.

For some regions, light participation does not allow us to provide detailed breakdowns for each level of service. Nonetheless, we have acquired enough data to provide some information for every area of the country.

It is with sincere thanks to the exceptionally busy service professionals that we present the results of the 2018 Service Industry News Industry Survey. 

Information contained in this survey is presented for informational and historical purposes only and is not meant to encourage readers to set prices in restraint of trade or in violation of any laws.

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