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Automatic cleaners make pool service faster

By Marcelle Dibrell

As a pool service professional, telling customers that you do not vacuum pools isn’t likely to win a lot of extra business. But the fact is, effective, efficient pool service often does not include vacuuming anymore. Many service techs even charge extra for vacuuming. Given the exorbitant amount of time this service requires, they see it as a billable item. 

They will tell customers that while they could vacuum, the pool is only going to retain its pristine cleanliness for that day of service. Why waste the time? Why not get an automatic cleaner to keep the pool clean every day?

It depends on the pool and location, of course, but today’s automatic pool cleaners have largely removed vacuuming from part of a service professional’s job description. 

That is because today’s thinking is that average pool service should take about 15 minutes, 30 minutes top. 

And that’s not happening without an automatic pool cleaner. 

They are not a difficult sale. American pool owners don’t want to look at a dirty pool the day after service. If they are willing to pay for weekly service, they want a pool that looks beautiful between service visits, too. 

And that is not happening without an automatic pool cleaner either.

Today, it is not about whether to buy an automatic cleaner, but which type. There is the choice of pressure-side, suction-side, or robotic cleaners, a decision that should be based on both the type of debris present, and the pool owner’s budget.

But within those domains, there is a plethora of designs that offer varying levels of efficiency and durability. For many customers, the options can be bewildering, and that is an additional service pool professionals can provide: an informed recommendation. 

Because those who have invested long hours in the service and repair of automatic cleaners tend to know the best. 

In this issue of Service Industry News, we’ll take a look at some of the hottest selling models on the market. 

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