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Hey Service Pros: Is a franchise right for you?

By Staff Writer

Why did you decide to work for yourself? You wanted to make your own hours, right? Take Friday off and play golf? Sleep in occasionally?

So, how’s that working out for you?

You may have heard the phrase: an entrepreneur is someone who works 80 hours a week so they don’t have to work 40 for someone else.

Swimming pool service business owners face overwhelming challenges, from the day-to-day business of
accounting, scheduling, and inventory management, to the longer concerns of business planning, marketing, and generating leads. 

Determining pricing, branding, a successful market position for the geographic area the business is located in — these are make or break decisions that each small business owner must make for the company to prosper. 

Not to mention the ostensible “job” itself of servicing and repairing customers’ pools, spa, and equipment. 

For the newly initiated small business owner, it can be exhausting and the workload a little unexpected. 

But there is a middle ground between  working for someone and building a business from scratch. 

You could also buy a franchise, a turnkey business that is ready and waiting for you to start. The advantages of owning a franchise are many. 

They lie in joining a brand name with an established reputation and track record with consumer confidence from the outset. 

Business kinks have been worked out. The hard work of market testing and developing procedures and processes has been done. 

Business development strategies are in place. Training is provided.

And the costs of purchasing a franchise are sometimes cheaper than the start-up costs of launching and maintaining an independent business. 

It’s like the bed-in-a-bag for businesses.

In this edition of Service Industry News, we’ll explore some benefits of joining the largest pool and spa franchise companies in the country.

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