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Wide variety of pool surfaces now available

By Staff Writer

The last issue of Service Industry News discussed swimming pool startup procedures, focusing on the two popular methods to start up plaster swimming pools. 

That’s because for years, plaster-surfaced pools have dominated the market, but with all that is available now, they are not necessarily the best. 

Today’s consumers are presented with a variety of pool surfaces and finishes that provide additional strength and durability. 

There are circumstances where cementitious pools are not desirable or affordable, and potential pool owners may want a vinyl-lined or fiberglass pool.

While the installation of a pool is not a service technician’s job, knowledge of the types of pools and surface finishes is important for maintenance. Familiarity with the types of pools available is useful for making recommendations about the pool surface.

From a service standpoint, plastered pools require the most maintenance. They have a relatively short lifespan, although the addition of aggregates can lengthen their serviceability. They are susceptible to damage due to improper water chemistry, and they, in turn, alter the water’s chemistry. They can crack, chip, develop worn spots in high traffic areas, and become rough due to scaling, or etched in aggressive conditions. 

While not as popular, fiberglass pools offer modest solutions to some of these problems. They have the advantage of a short installation time, little maintenance requirements, and a surface that inhibits algae, making them easier to keep sanitized.

Vinyl-lined pools, the least expensive option, have come a long way in recent years. Because they are now available in almost any shape and size, with countless color and design options, a vinyl-lined pool is no longer the pool just for the cost-conscious. 

Recently, a new type of surface has emerged, known as a thermo-polymer finish. It offers substantial advantages over traditional finishes, and is explored in great detail of this issue of Service Industry News.

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