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Trade associations offer benefits for all

By Staff Writer

The benefits of belonging to a trade association are not always fully apparent until the decision is made to actually join. Many people join an association with the expectation of attaining a specific goal. 

It is also true that an association may offer many unexpected benefits. 

IPSSA, for example, was formed to provide pool technicians with sick-route coverage, but members also enjoy a variety of additional benefits, such as a great insurance program, education and professionalism.

This is true in many trade organizations, which at a minimum, provide networking opportunities and the potential to build business relationships. Associations provide a forum to meet clients, contacts and partners who can help move a small business to the next level. They provide a platform for members to exchange ideas and find new jobs.

Similarly, associations broaden a business’s sphere of influence. The association can often impact legislation and external parties that make decisions affecting the industry. 

Membership in associations increases professionalism, as training, education and certification are often part of the benefits offered. Continued education is critical to getting to the top of most any industry, especially when new technology emerges and codes apply. It is essential to stay abreast of the latest information and associations often offer seminars or workshops so that members stay up-to-date in their profession. 

At the least, associations offer a venue for exchanging ideas, to learn industry best practices, where more experienced members can help the newer members improve within their profession. 

Of course, the specific benefits depend on the particular association, but there are a few common to most trade associations. There are many associations offering membership to service pros, with unique benefits such as education, certification, insurance, discounts and more.

 In this special edition of Service Industry News, the staff provides information about the major organizations and associations within the pool and spa industry.

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