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Results of Industry Survey: Small companies have competitive edge

With the swim season upon us, Service Industry professionals are hard at work keeping America’s backyard swimming pools in tip-top shape. Industrious service techs have a grueling schedule. Some are working 12 hour days, off to their first accounts at dawn (customers allowing) and they don’t stop until they drop. 

For most, the work doesn’t end with the last visit to a customer’s swimming pool. No, then it is time to review billing, ordering, new client quotes, scouting and more. And in their “spare time,” they are attending meetings and getting new product educational training. 

Whether you are the owner and operator or an employee of a pool maintenance firm, summer means that you hit the floor running, because depending on where you live, the competition can be fierce, especially in areas of high-pool density.  For service techs, maintaining a pricing structure commensurate with the value of the service is essential. And to do so, it’s also important to know what the competition is charging for similar services.

Every year, Service Industry News presents a three-part industry survey to help pool maintenance professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. 

In this first installment, we present the 2017 results on billing specifically, how do you charge, and how much do you charge for your services. 

The data presented here is the result of survey participation from 22 states. Responses came from service firms both large and small who regularly maintain almost 70,000 swimming pools nationwide. 

This year, in addition to analyzing small business regional trends, we also compared the pricing structures of smaller scale maintenance operators with larger, multi-employee service firms. 

The results indicate that large maintenance firms charge just a little more for their services. This may come as little surprise to larger service firms, who cite higher overhead as just one of the reasons to set their prices a bit higher. A company’s size can correspond to its time and experience within the industry, and they may charge accordingly.

It is with sincere thanks to the exceptionally busy service professionals that we present the results of the 2017 Service Industry News Survey.

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