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Survey reveals chem preference & cost

In this final survey issue of Service Industry News, the regional trends with respect to chemicals and maintenance equipment are reviewed.  

Specifically, the survey results report the prevalence of different types of sanitizers being used, including liquid chlorine, trichlor, dichlor, and calcium hypochlorite, and the costs of using each, on a regional level. 

Also addressed is the usage of various automatic pool cleaners, such as pressure side, suction side and robot.

The results are in and once again, show some interesting trends.

Across the country, trichlor tabs are the most common method of chlorination, with liquid chlorine a close second.  It hasn’t always been so, but compared to liquid chlorine, trichlor is slightly cheaper.  

Respondents to this year’s survey reported they pay approximately $86 for 50 pounds of trichlor tabs.  That’s $1.73 a pound.  However, when the percentage of available chlorine is factored in, the price of trichlor rises somewhat to $1.93 per pound of available chlorine.  

Meanwhile, the average cost of liquid chlorine was reported to be about $2.35 a gallon.  And a gallon of chlorine is also a pound of chlorine, which also contains about a pound of available chlorine.  That means that trichlor is about 62 cents cheaper – not counting the cost of additional chemicals.

But looking at the situation from a regional level presents a different picture.  For example, in California, liquid chlorine is the preference, even if it is a little more expensive, while trichlor dominates just about everywhere else.  Interestingly, it is only in the south that calcium hypochlorite is the clear favorite, where it is also the cheapest, relative to the other chlorine types in that area.      

This survey issue also examines the popular use of automatic cleaners, now used on the majority of the pools serviced by maintenance firms.  As has been noted in years prior, preferences for the type of cleaner - be it pressure side, suction side, or robotic, is definitively regional see graph on page 8.

Chlorination types and pricing, cleaner types and prevalence, specialty chemicals and usage, and preferred testing methods are all the topics of this special issue of Service Industry News

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