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CPSC recalls defective heater vent kit

Hayward Industries, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is recalling and providing replacements for a specific pool heater vent kit.

The vent kit included in this recall is Hayward UHXNEGVT15001 Negative Pressure 6-inch Vent Kit for pool heaters. The vent kit is used exclusively on Hayward H500FD gas heaters. Only Hayward H500FD gas heaters that are installed indoors and use 6-inch negative pressure galvanized vent piping are affected by this recall.

For identification, the name “Hayward” is stamped onto the furnace’s outer casing above the water pipes. The model number H500FD and the serial number are located to the left of the water pipes.

The reason for the recall is the vent kit installed on gas pool heaters is not the proper size and can allow carbon monoxide to leak, posing a CO poisoning hazard to consumers. 

The recall affects 275 units sold in the U.S., 7 in Canada, and 13 in Mexico.  

Units were sold at pool equipment distributors nationwide and online at, among others, and from March 2015 through April 2019 for about $265.  

Recalled units will be replaced at no charge and the heater must be turned off.  Hayward will schedule an appointment to have the vent kit replaced. Hayward advises not to use the heater until after the vent has been replaced.

An appointment will need to be scheduled for the repair. It will be either a negative vent kit or a positive vent kit depending on the specific installation. The old vent pipe will be removed once it is replaced.

Hayward will work with installers to replace the vent as soon as possible. 

Turn off the heater and do not use it until the vent is replaced.

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