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Automation making life easier for service techs

by Marcelle Dibrell

Those of us who grew up in the nineties simply can’t understand what life was like before Google, Facebook and everything else that the Internet affords.  We live in a time of instant access to information; where just about any question can be answered by whipping out your cell phone.

The technology that exists today is astounding, and has impacted nearly every profession, including, of course, the pool care industry.

Part of the beauty of today’s automatic control systems is that individual customers can control all of their outdoor pool, spa, water feature, lighting and sprinkling functions with their laptop or even their cell phone.

But the really cool stuff, at least from a service professional’s point of view, is that a pool tech sitting at a remote location can monitor several pools at once, staying on top of chemical balance or equipment functions without physically checking the pools on their route unless a computer tells them to do so.

Better yet, sometimes the fix can be handled without making a service call. With current gas prices, sometimes not driving to a customer’s pool may be the best way to save money for your company’s bottom line.

Warning bells on a cell phone or an email to the service tech can note a chemical imbalance or an equipment issue.  But if not being able to see the problem up close is troublesome, what about the latest in automatic features: video monitoring.

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