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Ignorance is no excuse in the coming year

By Marcelle Dibrell

Educational opportunities are abundant in 2014.

A wealth of learning opportunities can be found at the multiple regional trade shows (look forward to our next issue).

In addition to the many seminars numerous certification courses are also available there.

Educational opportunities can also be obtained on demand. Manufacturers of pool products, such as Hayward and Pentair, will come upon request, to discuss and instruct whatever subject is needed. Other manufacturers have scheduled specific dates and locations to go over the ins and outs of their products.

Training teams will be traveling the country with their products, qualifying service professionals to install and repair sophisticated pool equipment after detailed hands-on training sessions.

Indeed, educational opportunities can be obtained from commercial pool builders, water treatment facilities, product manufacturers and distributors, and organizations whose specific purpose is education.

Topics under discussion range from equipment installation and repair, chemical maintenance, energy efficiency, better business practices, accounting, safety considerations and more.

For both new and veteran service technicians certification courses with exams are powerful ways to accredit the technicians of pool and spa service firms. 

This year, our 2014 educational calendar teems with numerous learning opportunities thanks to both a large as manufacturer-driven equipment and systems’ training sessions.

In this annual Education Opportunity edition, we’ve compiled a comprehensive courses and seminars and the various groups that provide such programs.

While we make every effort to contact all of the companies and organizations that offer technical classes, some may have been missed. As new seminars are announced, we will publish as they become available.