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Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry

Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry


Welcome to the latest edition of our popular “Can You Top This?” column, featuring the newest entry in the Service Industry News “Horror File. ”

This issue’s entry comes to us from Steve Kay of Carribean Pool Service in Northridge, California.

“...when $6.53 could have saved $3000 plus,” writes Steve.

“I was summoned to diagnose a pump that was surging: Water pressure would top out and then just as quickly fall to zero. Pretty much figured it was a busted pipe. When l arrived at the purple and blue pool l figured something was amiss.

“Sometimes I hate being right.”

“We’ve all been told a bunch of times not to put tabs in the skimmer; especially these old things with the bottom made of metal and attached to old copper plumbing. So, one more time with feeling: “Don’t put tabs in the skimmer. Buy a $5.85 floater and pay the $.53 tax. Charge the customer for goodness sake and don’t be the cause for a new skimmer!”

Other publications like to print lots of pretty pictures of beautiful pools, spas and well engineered installations. At Service Industry News, we would rather go behind the scenes and take a closer look at the type of stuff our readers encounter everyday. — cracked tiles, tree roots, spaghetti plumbing, rats in the heater, cars in the pool and more!

When you are out in the field and you see something that doesn’t look right, send us an email along with a picture and a brief description: Attention Horror File, [email protected]

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