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A guide to products and services

Fix-A-Leak can seal leaks in many materials

Fix-A-Leak, from Marlig Industries, Inc., of Niagara Falls, N. Y., is a blended, concentrated formula for sealing leaks in all types of materials.

Fix-A-Leak can be applied to stop leaks in the walls, floor or shell; in suction lines; and throughout the plumbing system. It will not harm salt chlorine generators, heaters, pumps or filters.

Fast-acting Fix-A-Leak hardens and cures in approximately 48 hours to form a durable, long-lasting seal. Directions for use are simple and easy-to-follow.

For more information, contact Marlig Industries, Inc., Dept. SI, P.O. Box 117. Niagara Falls, New York 14304. Telephone 905-374-2560. Visit the company online at

Eliminate pool light leaks withG& P‘CordStoppers’

Cord Stoppers, from G& PTools, LLC, of Park Hills, Mo., eliminate water leaks at the pool light, removing worry about whether or not a conduit is sealed.

The molded rubber stopper fits snuggly around the cord to seal the light niche without silicone or putty, This feature also means there is no substance to dig out later, making light replacement fast and simple.

Cord Stopper are available in ten new and retrofit models: ¾- and 1-inch for 120- and 12-volt installations, as well as 1-inch, 2-hole for bonding ground installation. The minimum order is six pieces.

For more information, contact G& P Tools, LLC, Dept. SI, 37 Rivermines Street, Park Hills, MO 63601. Phone 573-431-6998. Online

Stabilize chlorine levels with Bio Dex liquid stabilizer

Liquid Stabilizer & Conditioner, from Bio-Dex Laboratories, Inc., of Phoenix, Ariz., dissolves rapidly in swimming pool water to reduce chlorine loss caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

When the stabilizer level is low, more cleaner is required to keep a pool clean. A properly stabilized pool can extend the life of the sanitizer and save money by avoiding excessive chlorine demand.

Use Bio-Dex Liquid Stabilizer & Conditioner to maintain proper levels and help chlorine last longer.

For more information, contact Bio-Dex Laboratories, Inc., Dept. SI, 4212 W. Innovative Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85086. Telephone 800-617-3477. Visit the company online at

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