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employers from being sued by their employees over Covid-19 exposure in ….

employersfrombeingsuedbytheiremployees over Covid-19 exposure in the workplace.

Ken Scott, owner of Aqua Bliss Pool Service in Deerfield Beach, Florida, thinks restaurants and other non-essential businesses should have some liability and be held accountable for not doing the right thing and creating an environment where people might get sick.

“Personally, I feel that to exempt businesses from any and all liability is a bad law,” Scott said.

However, from a business perspective, he doesn’t think passage of the HEALS Act act will have any effect on him. Scott employs seven workers. He implemented social distancing, and provided his employees masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes for their trucks.

“I’m not concerned. We’ve done everything we can to keep our employees safe. We don’t have customers come to our location at all, and I don’t see how a customer could say that they got Covid from their swimming pool. My only concern would be for my guys and I can show that we’ve done everything we need to do. We’re an essential business, and my guys work alone and outside.

Generally, Covid cases are on the rise, America’s economy continues to suffer, and the pool industry is experiencing an unanticipated boost in business. Service Industry News will continue coronavirus coverage with additional items of interest to pool and spa professionals.

Once again, a huge thanks to all you service guys and gals out there ensuring the country doesn’t also succumb to deadly waterborne diseases and drownings.

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