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‘The Ultimate Pool Kit’ ClearComfortplusSigura

Clear Comfort, of Boulder, Colo., in collaboration with Sigura, formerly Lonza Water, is offering the Ultimate Pool Kit that delivers remote consistent water care for smoother operations and increased profits. With this bundled kit, customers receive $1,000 of free product on every pool from participating dealers.

The Ultimate Pool Kit marries Clear Comfort’s AOP with slow erosion poolife


® cal hypo feeders as well as the convenience of remote pHin™ Smart Monitors for every pool. Advantages include drinking water quality without harsh effects from salt chlorine, high cyanuric acid or high chlorine levels, as well as protection against contaminants and pathogens, including Cryptosporidium.

The offering provides enough chemistry for a complete season. For a limited time, authorized dealers and leading pool professionals can order kits at

For more information, contact Clear Comfort, Dept. SI, 3063 Sterling Circle, Boulder, CO 80301. Telephone 303-872-4477. Visit the company online at

Lighten Up Your Pools with


Are your customers’ pools going dark? The Whole New Light Dealer Program from S.R. Smith, LLC, of Canby, Ore., helps them see the light again with Fiber Optic to LED Conversion Kits, PT-6001 or PT-6002.

Fiber optic lighting degrades over time, leading to a decrease in brightness.

Updating to vibrant LED is a cost-effective highvalue upgrade that can please customers and help generate revenue. Installation requires only three steps: remove, replace and reconnect, with the use of existing conduits.

LED lighting not only saves energy, it offers color options and light shows.

Choosing the PT-6002 upgrade allows for the creation of zones of color that can be managed in unison or independently, controlled from the handheld remote.

An LED Conversion Specialist Training video, offered on the company’s website, provides information required to start offering this service. Those who successfully complete the training receive a Fiber to LED Lighting Conversion Specialist certificate and are added to the S.R.Smith Dealer/Service Professional Locator.

Also available are free marketing materials, including brochures and door hangers, to help generate more business, as well as S.R.Smith’s lighting specialists who can provide support for any lighting needs.

For more information, contact S.R. Smith, LLC, Dept. SI 1017 SW Berg Pkwy., Canby, OR 97013. Telephone 800-824-4387. Visit the company online at

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