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A guide to products and services

New from NC Brands ‘PHOSfree’,‘PoolPerfectMax’

Natural Chemistry, of Norwalk, Conn., offers two products designed to maximize pool care.

These highly concentrated offerings for the upcoming season are supported by strong retail displays and lucrative discounts off product purchase.

PHOSfree ® MAX is a high intensity phosphate remover that comes in a 32-ounce bottle packaged in a quality box that looks good on a shelf. Half of a bottle treats ups to 5,000 ppb in 20,000 gallons; one bottle treats up to 10.000 ppb in 20,000 gallons.

Pool Perfect MAX combines three industry-leading technologies--broad spectrum enzymes for cleaning filters and scum lines, phosphate removers to keep levels low and water clarification—into one powerful

Haviland’s ‘Stain Drop’: diagnose, remove stains

STAIN DROP products from Haviland of Grand Rapids, Michigan are made to diagnose and remove pool stains, and keep pools stain-free, with three formulas that fight stains and two that prevent them.

The Stain Removal Verification (S.R.V.) Kit is handy because it contains three pouches of products for performing surface tests that help determine the right choice of removal product for particular stains. The tests take less than an hour and results save the head-ache of misdiagnosis.

Once the correct removal products have been identified, the stains can be treated. The three stain-removal products within STAIN DROP work individually or together to remove nearly every type of non-organic stain. As surface stains are lifted, the two preventative products trap water-borne metals, allowing for removal by the filter.

STAIN DROP products, formulated, blended and packaged in the USA, with strict quality control methods to ensure peak performance, are available only at authorized professional dealers.

For more information, contact Haviland Inc., Dept. SI, 421 Ann St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49504. Phone 800-333-0400. Online

Pentair’s ‘WhisperFlo XF’ with3phase,built-indrive

Pentair Ltd, of Sanford, N. C., offers products for the commercial market designed to save energy and money for aquatic facilities.

The new WhisperFloXF ® VS 5HP variable speed commercial pool pump runs on single or three-phase power and has built-in drive, eliminating the need for external drive. This versatile, energy-efficient pump is easy to use with an intuitive interface.

The Acu Drive XS variable speed drive saves up to 60 percent on pump electricity usage.

For more information, contact, Pentair Ltd., 1620 Hawkins Ave., Dept. SI, Sanford NC 27330. Telephone 800-831-7133. Visit the company online at www.

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