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Meet the Certified Pool Operator Group

Meet the Certified Pool Operator Group Meet the Certified Pool Operator Group

The Certified Pool Operator – CPO Facebook Group is an exclusive group for Certified Pool Operators everywhere to chat, share tips and ask questions.

It was created by Steve Sherwood, CEO at Sherwood Pool Consulting Group, and Wayne Ivusich, Director of Education for Taylor Technologies, who is also an administrator.

It is a private group for those who can verify they passed the CPO course.

According to Ivusich, if someone has a question, there’s always someone else who will have an answer.

“These days, social media is just the fastest way to communicate with people in the industry,” Ivusich said.

The CPO Group is also a platform for those who teach to provide webinars.

“While it can’t really replace the value of face to face interaction, I consider it a supplement to trade shows,” Ivusich said.

Webinars have featured all kind of industry experts, educated in water chemistry, equipment and even construction, with well-known speakers such as Rudy Stankowitz, President/ CEO of Aquatic Facility Training & Consultants, LLC; Robert Lowry, of Lowry Consulting Group; Kim Skinner, of onBalance and President of Pool Chlor; Harold Evans, CEO of Orenda technologies; Eric Knight, of Orenda Technologies, and more.

It is international, with members all over the world including Australia, Central and South Africa, Canada, Mexico, South America, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and Italy.

As a group, they don’t promote specific manufacturers. For example, although Ivusich works for Taylor Technologies, he tries to remain as neutral as possible.

“If someone asks what’s the best test kit, I’m not going to answer that question,” Ivusich said. But if someone does endorse Taylor, Ivusich says he’s always happy to hear it.

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