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Pool Reflections … Pool Reflections …

Former commercial pool inspector discusses online CPO certification

By Lauren Broom

Since the onset of Covid-19, pool techs can experience a new way of learning. The pool industry welcomes the influx of various online certification training that was not available prior to March 2020. The Certified Pool Operator Course (CPO) has long been recognized as an industry standard for the training of swimming pool service technicians. Associations like the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) quickly transitioned the CPO course and test to an online platform.

An online version of the CPO course must first be approved by the regulatory agency in each state, county or city that governs public swimming pools. For example, Florida has permanently approved the online CPO course if it is administered by a company called Examity. Examity offers one-on-one learning and proctoring of the test.

Benefits of the online course are multiple. As we know, pool maintenance has been deemed an essential service and business generally remains good.

The online CPO course saves the pool professional crucial time to put into their businesses while providing important continuing education.

The course teaches functionality, application and best practices. The lessons contain the content required by government agencies, insurance companies and property managers.

There are several options available for the CPO course. A full 2-day course is offered through an online platform and the test is taken through a website called Test Trac. Alternatively, Pool Operator Fusion teaches a combination of an 8-hour online self-paced course and a live 5-hour online review session hosted by a certified PHTA instructor. Test Trac also administers the test. The Space Coast Pool School also offers an online course through PHTA. Private classes are available.

There is no reason why a pool operator cannot obtain required certification due Covid-19, given the ease and convenience of online CPO courses. Don’t let isolation from Covid-19 stop you from continuing your education.

Lauren Broom is a Certified Pool Operator Course, CPO ® , instructor and a former health inspector for the Florida Department of Health. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and is a registered sanitarian. She has 16-years of experience in commercial pool inspections and waterborne disease outbreak investigations.

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