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Fluidra’s ‘Nature 2’ destroys bacteria and controls algae

Nature2, from Fluidra USA, of Carlsbad, Calif., is a line of simple and effective mineral sanitizers that works in conjunction with a pool or spa’s filtration system to destroy bacteria and control algae in a natural way.

Nature2 pool mineral cartridges install inside Nature2 vessels or a pool’s existing cartridge filter; Nature2 spa sticks drop in a spa’s filter basket.

Trace amounts of silver and copper are then automatically dispensed for continuous sanitizing and healthier pH levels.

The minerals fight bacteria and control algae for up to six months in pools and up to four months in spas.

Nature2’s mineral sanitizers create clean, clear water without the harsh effects of traditional chemicals such as bromine and chlorine, usage of which is reduced by up to 50 percent in most pools and spas.

The result is a pure, clean swimming experience in water that feels soft and gently soothing.

For more information,. Contact Fluidra USA, Dept. SI, 2882 Whiptail Loop, Carlsbad, CA 92010. Telephone 800-822-7933. Online

Think about winterizing and use a ‘Skimmer Plug’

Skimmer Plug , from Simple Pool Technology, Inc., of Pittsburg., Penna., is a simple and effective method for servicing and winterizing skimmers.

A first of its kind, the patented device is affordable and easy to use, saving an incredible amount of time and money not having to drain water to service, detect leaks, or winterize the skimmer.

Skimmer Plug fits all fiberglass or vinyl OEM skimmers without the need to replace the original skimmer faceplate.

No installation or tools are required. Skimmer Plugs are NOT made to fit gunite or concrete pool skimmers.

Skimmer Plug fits securely into the skimmer opening using the company’s exclusive Rovaseal thermo- insulated expanding layer to plug and grip the faceplate, creating a 100 percent air- and watertight seal.

The rigid outer plate provides a durable and secure layer of protection throughout the winter.

UV- and chemical-resistant, Skimmer Plug can be used with all automatic pool covers, fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, and above- and in-ground pools.

For more information, contact Simple Pool Technology, Inc., Dept. SI, [email protected] or by calling 800-630-2456. Visit the company online at

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