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‘LiquidCover’willdecrease heatloss,keepwaterwarm

Natural Chemistry PRO Series

® Liquid Cover

™ , from NC Brands L.P., of Norwalk, Conn., gives pool professionals a simple solution to offer to customers who want to extend the swim season.

Since every gallon of 80-degree pool water lost to evaporation equates to a loss of 8,729 BTUs of energy, pool owners will appreciate knowing that the problem can be helped with the use of this product.

Liquid Cover’s advanced mono-layer technology dramatically decreases evaporation and heat loss, keeping pool water warm while reducing heating bills. It also lessens the need for water adjustments due to water loss.

For more information, contact NC Brands L.P., Dept. SI, 40 Richards Ave., Norwalk, CT 06854. Telephone 800-753-1233. Online

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