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Troubleshooting Solar Pool Heaters

Solar heating system is not heating properly or The solar heating system is overheating

— This is usually an issue with the automatic control system such as: the sensors have failed, the wiring is defective, the auto valve isn’t working, vacuum control tubing is plugged, the sensor is directly exposed to the sun.

Air bubbles are entering the pool

— Ensure if the problem is not in pool equipment where a pump could be leaking air into the system.

— Check return line for proper water flow with heater on and off.

— Examine filter equipment.

— Backwash if needed.

— Ensure that the vacuum relief valve is not stuck.

— It might be necessary to remove the valve.

Make sure the valve opens and closes properly.

— Turn on the heater.

— Restrict the water flow.

Watch the pressure gauge to make sure the pressure doesn’t rise too much.

If this eliminates the bubbles, install a valve on the solar heater’s return line, or adjust the existing valve.

Pump loses prime

— Check vacuum connections to the pump, ensuring that auto valves are properly functioning.

Filter backwashes when the solar heater shuts off — There is a check valve between the filter and solar heater to prevent water from flowing back to the filter when the heater is off.

— Check to see if there is debris holding it open. It might also need to be replaced.

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