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International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

International Association of  Certified Home Inspectors International Association of  Certified Home Inspectors

Another avenue to becoming a certified pool inspector is through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

® (InterNACHI). All access members can take unlimited courses, complete online testing, obtain certifications as well as obtain business development and marketing support.

The process to gain Pool and Spa Inspector Certification is involved, but it also provides Home Inspector Certification, which may be of additional use to pool service professionals.

There are six steps to becoming a Certified Home Inspector: 1. Pass the Online Inspector Examination. They recommend taking the exam immediately. It’s free, online, and open to everyone, including nonmembers. It can be repeated to help identify strengths and weaknesses as a home inspector.

2. Join InterNACHI

® : $49 a month, or $499 per year.

3. Complete the Online Code of Ethics Course.

4. Complete the Online Standards of Practice Course.

5. Submit four mock (or simulated) inspection reports to InterNACHI using their online inspection checklist.

6. Sign the enrollment agreement (affidavit).

Members who have completed Step #1 through Step #6 will be awarded the Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) certification and credential and be considered an InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector.

After obtaining Home Inspector Certification, it is then possible to become a Certified Pool and Spa Inspector. The online course is approximately 36 hours, but it can be taken at any pace. The goal of the course is to teach existing home inspectors how to inspect pools and spas. Those certified will know how to:

• provide accurate, useful information pertaining to pools and spas;

• describe how pools and spas work;

• inspect circulation, heating and filtering systems and components;

• inspect electrical components;

• explain the water chemistry;

• identify safety issues;

• list common maintenance recommendations; and

• follow an inspection procedural checklist.

The InterNACHI

® Home Inspector Certificate Program is accredited and online for InterNACHI members. InterNACHI School ( is an online home inspector college accredited by the national accrediting agency of the U.S. Department of Education and a Member College of the National Association of Career Colleges of Canada.

This course has been approved by: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors; Master Inspector Certification Board; International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants; Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association; and Many government agencies and licensing boards.

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