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Learn leak detection online

Learn leak detection online Learn leak detection online

For those wishing to distinguish themselves as certified pool inspectors with leak detection capabilities, Leaktronics offers just such a certification program.

According to program founder Darren Merlob, swimming pool inspections that provide leak detections are very popular in the residential real estate marketplace.

“If a home is being sold with a swimming pool, spa or large water feature and a leak detection wasn’t performed, well - buyer beware,” Merlob said.

Merlob says his clients consist of both pool professionals looking to increase their profit margins as well as existing home inspectors that want to make upwards of $500 – which is more than they are charging to inspect the entire house.

The overall program includes five hours of intensive video training, the LeakTronics Pro Complete leak detection package (all the equipment an inspector needs), printable paperwork for working with customers and the all-important 300-point inspection checklist that ensures a pool is properly inspected.

This virtual training platform covers how to use all of the equipment included in the complete training package through detailed and fully explanative video modules. Students will also learn professional swimming pool leak detection methods, customer psychology, key business and marketing techniques and more.

Students will gain valuable insight on marketing and client building, website building and customer psychology, and will review case studies of actual jobs performed with the inspection checklist.

Enrollment is available at any time and can be completed on the student’s own schedule.

Because the program is online, and access is “forever access,” there is no rush for students to finish. It’s done when they’re ready, and is always available for reference by simply logging into their account.

The online course is $4,400 and includes the LeakTronics Pro Complete leak detection Package, or $2,900 for those who already own the equipment.

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