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Jack’s Magic O-Ring lube safeonequipment,hands

Jack’s Magic O-Ring lube safeonequipment,hands Jack’s Magic O-Ring lube safeonequipment,hands

Keep your hands clean with Jack’s Magic’s O-Ring Lube, a premium silicone lubricant with PTFE, featuring a new brush-top applicator.

O-Ring Lube, with outstanding rubber and plastic compatibility, is chemical resistant, odorless, nontoxic and safe for the environment. It will not harm or degrade o-rings, rubber gaskets or other rubber or plastic seals.

A money-saving feature is that container size and applicator length allow for complete use of all of the product. O-Ring Lube is available in 4 oz. jars.

For more information, contact Jack’s Magic Products, Inc., Dept. SI, 12435 73rd Ct., Largo, FL 33773. Phone 800-348-1656. Online

Sider-Proof FF-PR, from Sider-Crete, Inc., of Hawkinsville, Ga., is a cement-based roll-on swimming pool plaster and resurfacing coating that provides a water-resistant finish for gunite & shotcrete pools, existing plaster & marcite, concrete and ICF swimming pools. It also coats and waterproofs waterfalls, fountains and concrete ponds.

Polymer-modified for added flexibility, Sider-Proof FF-PR provides excellent adherence and freeze-thaw resistance, and is suitable for residential, commercial, hot-tub, chlorine and salt water system application.

Sider-Proof FF-PR, packaged as a kit, is premeasured for error-free mixing; to use, simply apply with a standard paint roller and blade it smooth with a MagicTrowel. Clean up is easy with water.

This product, which is not a pool paint but a true cement-based swimming pool plaster and resurfacing coating, is available in several standard colors and custom colors upon request. It is also available with premixed colored quartz.

For more information, contact Sider-Crete, Inc., Dept. SI, 153 Regur Road Hawkinsville, GA 31036. Telephone 888-743-3750. Online


Winterize with ‘Pooltec’

Pooltec Fall-Winter®, an EasyCare® product from McGrayel Company, of Fresno, Calif., is an all-season algaecide, water clarifier and non-chlorine treatment that protects covered, mesh and even uncovered pools from fall to spring.

Pooltec Fall-Winter strongly sequesters iron, copper and manganese metals, and will not break down scalestain inhibitors. The product works with little or no chlorine or salt cell usage, and is not affected by heat, sunlight or evaporation.

Pooltec Fall-Winter treatment, which outlasts winterizing kits, requires only one or two bottles for most pools to keep water clear and algae free, giving customers the assurance that the pool will be clean at spring opening.

For more information, contact McGrayel Company, Dept. SI, 5361 S. Villa Ave., Fresno, CA 93725. Telephone 800-289-7660. Visit the company online at

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