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FROG @ease — sanitizing hot tubs without CYA

FROG @ease — sanitizing hot tubs without CYA FROG @ease — sanitizing hot tubs without CYA

FROG ® @ease ® Floating Sanitizing System for hot tubs, from King Technology, Inc., of Hopkins, Minn., continues working after your service calls by killing bacteria two ways with its self-regulating chlorine and fresh minerals.

The result is Fresh Mineral Water ® that is Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier to take care of. FROG @ ease also uses 75percent less chlorine, and shocking is needed only once a month.

Unlike traditional chlorine products like dichlor, which contains 50 percent cyanuric acid that can build up quickly, making water cloudy, smelly and irritating and shortening water life, FROG @ease, is cyanuric acid free.

FROG @ease is a no-mess and no-guess system that is easy to install and maintain. It is also four times more profitable than dichlor and more likely to ensure a pleasant customer experience.

FROG @ease can be used on all the hot tubs your service.

For more information, contact King Technology, Inc., Dept. SI, 530 11th Ave.S, Hopkins, MN 55343. Phone 800-222-0169. Online

The MasterTemp ® ASME ® certified commercial heater, from Pentair Ltd., of Sanford, N. C., has been improved with a new bronze header design that allows for easy access to the thermal regulator and bypass valve for easy servicing without the use of special tools.

All internal components of the bronze header are now plastic for lightweight corrosion resistance. Upgrades have also been made to the thermal regulator, including a governing stainless steel sleeve for better wear protection.

A new, fuller, pre-mixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture allows for faster heat up times. Certified for low NOx emissions, this ecofriendly heater will save energy, conserve water and meet the demands of commercial aquatic facilities.

Direct link: commercial-pool-spa-equipment/pool-heaters/ mastertemp--high-performance-asme--certifiedheaters. html For more information, contact Pentair Ltd., Dept. SI, 1620 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, NC 27330. Telephone 800-831-7133. Visit the company online at

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