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S.R. Smith offers service techs lighting specialists

S.R. Smith offers service techs lighting specialists S.R. Smith offers service techs lighting specialists

Lighting specialists Cindy Snyder and Zofia Dombrowski of S.R. Smith, are “here to help” with the many lighting issues that can arise with swimming pools and spas. Homeowners, service techs and builders alike can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of this team of professionals.

When a service tech, for example, needs to determine the best product for a particular application, these specialists can provide guidance on the best lighting systems and sizes, as well as price differentials, useful information when calculating a price quote.

They can also trouble shoot problems that occur in the field, like what to do with power flickers and how to resync lights or interface with products from other companies. For questions about technical lighting, they can gather information and refer inquiries to company engineers who will get back to the caller the same day.

When you need lighting assistance and want great service, give S.R. Smith a call. Their products, designed with quality and safety in mind, are easy to install and maintain, and come with excellent warranties and competitive price points. Cindy and Zophia, part of the company’s team to support lighting, will be there, ready to assist in finding the right choice for the right job.

For more information, contact S.R. Smith, Dept. SI, 1017 SW Berg Pkwy., P.O. Box 400, Canby, OR 97013. Telephone 800-824-4387. Online

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