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Consider learning leak detection in 2021

By Marcelle Dibrell

2020 has been a tough year for almost everyone, but especially for the 10.7 million Americans who are unemployed. As the pandemic continues to surge, economists are predicting more lay-offs for the coming months.

New coronavirus cases are on the rise in nearly every state in the country. Hospitals in some areas are stretched to capacity causing the governors of some states to once again impose limits on businesses and everyday life, closing sectors they had reopened after the spring lockdowns.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment has slowly dropped to 6.7 percent, but economists across the political spectrum are predicting another round of job losses for the upcoming months.

“The economy is going to get worse before it gets better. The number of people with jobs could easily fall in December and January,” said Jason Furman, former Obama economic adviser.

One sector that has actually thrived during the pandemic has been the pool and spa industry. News channels are reporting that pool and spa construction companies cannot keep up with demand. Service firms say they’ve never been busier. According to leak detection specialists, at a time when the pandemic is causing business closures and people are out of work, the leak detection industry is booming.

Could the pool and spa industry help put Americans back to work?

Darren Merlob, a leak detection specialist and owner of LeakTronics, manufacturer of leak detection equipment, believes that getting into the pool leak detection business could provide a lot of jobs.

“The leak detection industry is one field that hasn’t reduced its demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. More-so, homeowners who have been at home have discovered leaks that cause water loss and increased costs in their homes. They are calling for service providers to find their leaks so repairs can be made,” Merlob said.

Merlob says that leak detection specialists can earn about $200,000 in their second year, depending on how much time they want to put into the work. In addition to selling a full line of leak detection equipment, his company also provides training (recommended to be a oneweek course) that can help launch careers.

Lance Anderson, leak detection specialist and owner ofAnderson Manufacturing Company, Inc, a manufacturer of leak detection equipment, also said that the leak detection business is thriving. With the current increase in new pool construction, he expects it will continue to do so.

“We are certainly going to reap the benefits of more pools being put in the ground because at some point they are all going to leak. Whatever increase in business we’re experiencing right now will have legs that last. It’s the dirty little secret about swimming pools – it’s hard to hold the water,” Anderson said.

Anderson says that leak detection is good full-time work, and it’s also popular parttime work.

“It’s a great business to do on the side. We sell lots of equipment to teachers, firemen or service techs and construction workers – people who want to do it on weekends or during the summertime or off times,” Anderson said.

Anderson Manufacturing also hosts training events focused on three main topics: efficient leak detection, principles and physics of leak locating and equipment. Anderson says that people looking for work come from all over the U.S. for the hands-on training.

Finding financial stability in today’s world is harder now than ever – perhaps a career in the leak detection business will be the answer for some.

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