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Use Pentair’s Tech Support App

Use Pentair’s Tech Support App Use Pentair’s Tech Support App

As part of its ongoing effort to provide readily available technical support information for its family of dealers, Pentair Pool’s TechSmart

automated troubleshooting app is designed to help service professionals quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve service repair questions in the field. Busy service techs looking to quickly diagnose issues on the most requested Pentair equipment can simply download and use the Pentair TechSmart app on their mobile device.

Designed to mirror the service provided by Pentair’s customer service team, the TechSmart app prompts service techs through a “decision tree” as they move through the troubleshooting process.

According to Mike Tacconi, Director of Customer Advocacy for Pentair, it is easier to use than paper troubleshooting guides because it adjusts next steps based on what the technician finds at each stage in the troubleshooting process.

“The TechSmart app was developed in conjunction with our customer service team to provide a truly comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnostic tool,” Tacconi said.

One of the best features about TechSmart is that it resides on the phone or tablet and doesn’t require a cell or internet connection—allowing service techs to access the information at all times and anywhere.

The app was developed to provide service techs with direct access to the kind of troubleshooting technology that the Pentair customer service team provides over the phone—but without having to worry about the time of day or having to wait for a tech support team member to pick up the line.

The TechSmart app uses several techniques to streamline the structure and content of the troubleshooting and diagnosis, including video snippets, charts, photos and part numbers.

The TechSmart app provides mobile access to a vast amount of howto videos, step-by-step directions that troubleshoot and diagnose symptoms and even provides recommended part numbers for any part that might need to be replaced.

By offering the TechSmart app for the top products that service techs typically contact Pentair’s customer service team, Pentair hopes to streamline the troubleshooting process so that technicians will be able to execute effective repairs in a fraction of the time they have in the past.

Additionally, the app will save time and money by eliminating the need for trial and error testing where service technicians might replace suspect components searching for the malfunctioning part.

To get the TechSmart apps, service professionals should login to the Pentair Partners section of the Pentair website, then click on the “Resources” tab and scroll to “Apps” and click on the TechSmart “learn more” button. Then simply download the desired TechSmart application. There are TechSmart

apps for the Max-E-Therm

® and


® Heaters, the EasyTouch Programming, the IntelliCenter


® automation programming as well as the ScreenLogic interface installation and troubleshooting.

In addition to the TechSmart automatic trouble shooter app, Pentair also offers on-demand videos on their Pentair University site, designed specifically to help educate and instruct service professionals working with Pentair equipment.

Pentair’s customer service team is available by phone from 7:30am Eastern time until 5pm Pacific time, Monday-Friday with extended days and hours during the busy months.

Call 800-831-7133 and follow the prompts for either residential or commercial technical support and the product category you are servicing. Pentair’s customer service team is trained to ensure they help pool professionals from beginning to end.

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