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New App! pH-Alkalinity adjustment tool

New App! pH-Alkalinity adjustment tool New App! pH-Alkalinity adjustment tool

There’s a new app that will take the guess work out of adjusting pH and alkalinity.

The major pool maintenance hurdle faced daily by pool service techs, retail stores and pool owners is figuring out what chemicals, at what amounts, are needed to raise or lower pH and alkalinity to recommended or target levels.

Now with the pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool, simply input the pool volume and water conditions, and it calculates the exact amount of chemicals needed to reach either a Target Alkalinity or a Target pH.

In both cases, the tools also provide either a new pH (when adjusting alkalinity) or a new alkalinity (when adjusting pH), called pH Priority and Alkalinity Priority.

The tool considers important factors including water volume, CYA, borate, calcium hardness, salt, TDS and temperature to calculate the exact chemical doses needed to reach targets.

The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool provides an accurate and easy way to know what chemicals are needed to achieve perfect water balance. Determine the targets for pH and alkalinity and it will calculate everything. No more guessing and testing to see what changed. No more under or over-dosing. Save money by knowing the exact doses of chemicals, and how they will change pH and alkalinity.

The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool works for any current or starting pH (0 to 14) and alkalinity (1 to 800 ppm), any CYA, any borate, any calcium hardness, any TDS, any temperature with any target pH or alkalinity, and it works for raising or lowering both with an accuracy of 0.01. It is so accurate because it uses all sources of hydrogen ion (H+) in the water for the complicated calculations.

If you are not using this tool, you are guessing, or using an analyzer or app that most of the time gives the wrong chemical amounts by not considering all the relevant water conditions. For instance, it can take up to three times more acid to lower pH and alkalinity if CYA is high and borates are in the water.

The cost is $7.99; this is a one-time cost, not a subscription, and there are no ads. The pH – Alkalinity Adjustment Tool is also available for licensing for water analysis and recommendation programs, automatic controllers and online analyzers. Contact Lowry Consulting Group, LLC,

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