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younger pool service professionals. He ….

younger pool service professionals. He says IPSSA intends to do this by increasing its digital presence — a move they started last year.

Younger IPSSA members believe that technology is key, so the association plans to continue working through digital platforms including apps and social media.

The association hopes to appeal to younger members with their new IPSSA app, announced this January. The app allows users to take advantage of exclusive member benefits and also network with other members. Here they will have an opportunity to receive valuable information on troubleshooting, equipment, repair tips and topics of interest to service technicians.

They’ve also hired a marketing company to help attract younger members.

Morley said they are making changes to key components of the association’s benefits, including changing sick route so that coverage is more inclusive to women on maternity leave.

“IPSSA needs to stay current and the directors are committed to pursuing these changes, ensuring that IPSSA is attractive in the years to come.

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